Curio Office Subscriptions / Terms & Conditions

Terms, conditions and further details
All systems must be set up and it's noted specially that there is a setup fee charged for each system. For this fee we send out an invoice. This is a one time only charge that occurs at the beginning of the installation and you can only pay this fee through the invoice. Vetrarbrautin Ltd. will send the invoice when the setup of the system is complete. The subscription fee is paid online on this website upon purchase.  
It can take up to 24 hours to set up the system. If the system is purchased on a weekend the time will be calculated from 9:00 am on Monday mornings. When the system is ready the buyer will receive an e-mail containing account and login information.  

All payments are through subscription except for the setup fee which is charged with an invoice. You can unsubscribe at any time, but the termination will start at the beginning of the following month. To unsubscribe, please send us an email at Tutorial videos can be found here on our website, but you can also get assistance from our staff members for a nominal fee for online teaching via Skype. Our employees would then meet you on Skype (not video call, only voice call) and share their screen. This online teaching is available for all clients and is charged by the hour. Contact us for further information and for requesting online teaching and details for price.  

After buying one of three subscriptions available you can always change your subscription package. To do so you must send us an email which states what kind of package you want to change your subscription to. Please note that changing a subscription package will change the monthly fee and may lead to an increase in monthly payments. To change your subscription package, please send us an enquiry at  

Curio Office and its distributors are not responsible for any data that is uploaded to the system by its subscribers. You can not get a refund for the setup fee after the system has been set up nor the subscription fee that has already been paid for, but you can unsubscribe at any time. After unsubscribing you will not be charged any further. The termination of your subscription will start at the beginning of the following month. All data uploaded from subscribers and their users is handled as personal information and our employees and technicians will always treat it as such.
All prices include 24% VAT.  

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