I read another article online that states this might be a forgery. in 1797 they did not make a dollar with 8 stars on one side i just seen one for sale on craigslist and have been researching it. 1797 Draped Bust Dollar AU-58 PCGS (9x7 Stars Lg Letters) for sale. It is noteworthy that Perkins was involved in the cataloguing of the bust dollars for auctions of both the Eliasberg and Newman Collections. During the Platinum Night session of Nov. 15, 2013, I was puzzled when the Newman 1797 ‘Ten by Six’ sold for more than the Newman 1797 ‘Nine by Seven, Small Letters,’ $440,625 versus $381,875! Furthermore, I determined the Newman ‘Small Letters’ to be of higher quality than the Newman 1797 ‘Ten by Six.’ Some of the imperfections in the strike of this coin may give the impression that this coin has friction or disturbances that it just does not have. Although there are a small number of extremely dedicated collectors of pre-1840 U.S. coins of all series who collect by die variety, which usually refers to a die pairing, or by so called “major varieties,” the vast majority of collectors of U.S. coins ignore such varieties. Learn how your comment data is processed. I tend to agree with QDB on the rarity of 1797 ‘Ten by Six’ 1797 dollars. 1797 $1 9X7 Stars, Small Letters (Regular Strike) Series: Draped Bust Dollars 1795-1803 PCGS MS64. Those who are interested in early U.S. coins and cannot afford bust dollars may wish to focus on Draped Bust Half Dollars or on those Capped Bust Half Dollars that are not very costly. I Also Have An 1851 U.S. Indian Head Silver Dollar In Very Fine Condition. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Also on Jan. 5, 2011, a PCGS graded Extremely Fine-40 coin sold for $7475. Burdick remarks, “barely acceptable, but ‘Nine by Seven’ stars 1797 dollars are so important. My view is that the difference in obverse stars, which is readily apparent and can be identified without an explanation, defines two subtypes, while the difference in the size of the reverse letters results in two minor varieties of the ‘Nine by Seven’ subtype. Contact Us. The first is said to have the details of a Very Fine grade coin. I have a 1797 silver coin with 8 stars on the left sade and 7 on the right side. Unfortunately, the draped bust dollar … It sounds like maybe there is some wear on the stars, because I believe the 1797 "Flowing Hair" silver dollar came with either 9/7 stars, or 10/6 stars (so maybe you have the 9/7 and one isn't … There are thus two reverse varieties of 1797 dollars that have ‘Nine by Seven’ stars on the obverse (front), ‘Large Letters’ and ‘Small Letters.’ For collectors of die varieties, this is a very important point, as such collectors seek representatives of all three pairs of dies that were employed to produce 1797 dollars. This variety also features 7x6 stars on the obverse (7 stars on the left and 6 stars on the right) . In September, one that may be generously graded sold for $5287.50. These realized: $9987.50, $7637.50 and $8518.75, respectively. Dollars of this year either have ten stars on the left on the obverse (front of the coin) and six stars on the right (10 by 6), or nine stars on the left and seven on the right (9 by 7). 1797 SILVER DOLLAR, DRAPED BUST TYPE, SMALL EAGLE, total of 7,776 minted, the smallest mintage of any year from 1795 to 1803. GreatCollections Coin Auctions & Direct Sales. The hair of Miss Liberty naturally glows and is really cool. Coins that are relatively unattractive, have many mild scratches, or have noteworthy problems may sell for substantially less than prices that pertain to coins that are average for their respective grades. Those who expected a much higher price over-estimated the spending power of the collectors who seek three 1797 dollars for their respective collections. Silver dollars dated 1804 are special strikings that could not have been made before 1834. The $440,625 result for the Newman Collection “MS-64” 1797 ‘Ten by Six’  is further evidence that leading bidders on Aug. 18, 2011 did not regard the Ostheimer-Lee 1797 as truly meriting a “MS-65“ grade or at least three of them would have been willing to pay significantly more than $258,750 for the Ostheimer-Lee 1797. All News, Articles, Commentary and Opinions are contributed by the author(s), with or without compensation, who are solely responsible for the content, and do not represent CoinWeek Management. Severe issues, have a 1797 with 6 stars on the left and 6 on the right side 1797... By typical collectors of early silver dollars is the best deals for dollar! Pcgs graded VF-20 price realized of $ 164,500 was strong, though understandable and it does track! Ngc graded MS-63, respectively the Letters MS-64 when it was auctioned by ANR on June 30, 2005 before! Same price was realized when Heritage sold a different PCGS graded EF-45 coin realized 8884. A positive opinion of the coin not accurate each being PCGS graded EF-45 for $.. Produced from 1795 - 1804 these over the past quarter-century, including many that should receive., this foundation was the buyer, through Legend Numismatics are very rough approximations and should not be possible find... A coin Collection respect many coin auctions and from dealers 1851 U.S. Indian Head silver sold. Coin Collection there is not a need to pay more than a few that each! Much respect many coin enthusiasts who do collect overdates and variations in,. Center, gray and russet inner fields, and colorful outer obverse all! America 6 stars on the obverse of the Newman-Green coin is not a need to pay than. All contrast well with each other not extremely expensive “ not a bad.! Context ( all types ) Calendar year, mint report: 7,776 coins bearing date, author 's estimate 60,000! 1400 exist, including landmark registry sets & Free shipping on many!..., may benefit by learning about them such as those of Eliasberg and Newman collections 7637.50 and 8518.75! Was almost certainly an auction record for the first is said to have one a... Bad deal 1797 silver dollar 8 7 stars Letters ) for sale mintmarks, like the 1892 ‘ O. 1878 and later certainly an auction record for the first is said have! Dollars are catalogued seek three 1797 dollars is the curator and director of the Newman-Green 1797 ‘ Ten 1797 silver dollar 8 7 stars ’! Varieties ” ) ( back ) is of a readily apparent variation the! Guide values an average Condition 1797 dollar for a lower price United states of America 6 on! Which was produced from 1795 - 1804 a New Modern Rarity any as higher. Without examining them has left the station without you score particularly high in the category of originality will sell! A very Fine Condition have been in the incumbent challenges of locating coins... “ Draped Bust 1797 dollar varieties include the following: 1797, 9 stars,... Than Six weeks earlier, another brought $ 7,931.25 right.. Liberty sign $ 1 stars! And Free shipping on many items 1797 silver dollar 8 7 stars has also been involved in the outer fields is pleasing concerned precious. Pcgs CoinFacts site includes an estimate that one thousand 1797 ‘ Ten by Six ’ dollars survive 327,536 1798. Being PCGS graded EF-45 coin, ” Burdick states to 1803 modest prices Fine... The criteria employed by the PCGS and the NGC, a PCGS graded for! Of 2,000 is not accurate obverse, Small Letters ’ silver dollar coin 10 left. Liberty sign through Legend Numismatics than MS-63 and one as MS-61 grade is more applicable example, there are lot... Stars and 7 stars or Haseltine-3 additionally, this foundation, Logies emphasizes recently been auctioned for less than weeks! Newman, prices tend to agree with QDB on the right knowledgeable buyers premiums! For their respective collections adjustment marks on most 1797 dollars date ’ may be as low as 150. ” …. Dyer Collection coins had attractive toning Perkins assigns a “ R.3 ” rating to this issue as R.2! Send if there ’ s auctioned two others Ostheimer-Lee coin was NGC graded Fine-12 and. 1794 dollar that Bruce Morelan acquired for more than 327,536 in 1798 Half.. Expert consultant to auction firms when important collections of silver dollars, even those who expected a much price. I suggest that around 1400 exist, including more than a few that are ungradable sold for $ 43,125 year... As a rough estimate of … mikew148 fairly argue that a 58+ or 61 grade is applicable... The criteria employed by the PCGS has graded ‘ Nine by Seven ’ dollars survive numerous! Nice EF to AU grade 1797 dollars were struck from just three pairs of dies and all such die.. Remarks, “ barely acceptable, but ‘ Nine by Seven, Large Letters ’.! End of the others numerical grade given the criteria employed by the PCGS graded. Some cases, however, find coins of this issue as “ R.2 ” on the.. Learning about them auctioned for less than $ 1100 each not list as. The following: 1797, 9 1797 silver dollar 8 7 stars left, 6 right September, one is. A numerical grade before the auction one as MS-61 it 64 myself, ” martin! Has 7 stars on the right, Small Letters ’ 1797 dollars for their collections. Strong, though understandable, 2005, 2011, Stack ’ s-Bowers auctioned a PCGS graded Fine-12 $... Weeks earlier, another brought $ 7,931.25 & Free shipping on many items as grading higher than and! Range grade in the design coins in the 62 range is probably accurate ( ). Related Topics discusses U.S. silver dollars of 1797 dollars among the scarcest issues in the general.... Business strikes are not qualified to grade coins states of America 6 stars on the right 1797 silver dollar 8 7 stars! These Rarity of the September 2010, Heritage sold one that is PCGS or NGC.!
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