They are less popular than other varieties of nerite snail and are less likely to be seen in a LFS. Mentioning the Nerite snails brings us to another possible answer to identifying your white spots on the aquarium’s glass: Nerite snail eggs. I decided to go for the nerites because I was told they do great with the algae and don't breed in freshwater which was a major plus for me. Nerite snails scatter their eggs all around the tank, and stick eggs to everything inside the tank. There is no scientific study of Nerite crossbreeding. Therefore if you are committed to succeeding in breeding these snails, it may be worth your while to purchase certified breeding viable animals. Proper Nerite Snail care needs to include ensuring that the Nitrate levels are not too high and checking for spikes in Ammonia.A correctly functioning filter and heater should be sufficient to do the job and make tank conditions ideal for these creatures. While the eggs may be unsightly and rather hard to remove from glass, decor and plants etc its unfortunately one of these things that comes with keeping … Nerite Snails Eggs – Nerite snails are found in deep sea, brackish water and also freshwater. This is my first video for the channel, I hope that you enjoy it ! Keep only one Nerite snail per tank. Nerites of all the species of snails do not produce asexually, their reproduction behavior is more like that of a fish, where it lays eggs for the male to fertilize and the new ones are hatched after some period of time. Nerite Snail Breeding. Nerite Snail eggs are hard and will need to be scraped off to be taken out of the tank. Mentioning the Nerite snails brings us to another possible answer to identifying your white spots on the aquarium’s glass: Nerite snail eggs. Zebra Nerite Snails can be kept with other non aggressive shrimp, fish and snail species. They are a community player and an excellent addition to any aquarium. Nerite Snails will breed and lay eggs, but they don’t hatch as the larvae need brackish water to survive. The actual possibility of this happening however is quite low, due to the size and needs of the veligers, and the amount of time they spend in that stage. Nerite snail can live almost in any tank, just keep in mind the problem of overpopulation. Nerite Snails are also notoriously challenging to breed because some do require brackish water for the eggs to hatch, while others will do fine with freshwater. Although most think of aquatic fish tanks when they hear the name Nerite snail, lots of varieties succeed in fresh and also brackish water as well. Jan 27, 2017. The biggest down side of nerites is that they lay eggs everywhere. Especially if you have driftwood in your tank. So my question is, have the nerite snail eggs been hatching? Do Nerite Snails Crossbreed? While it is a freshwater snail, it only breeds in brackish waters, so it has the added benefit of not overrunning an aquarium with larvae. This is quite untrue and I don't know why this is repeated. Nerite Snail Breeding . I have never done it before, because they still drop eggs, the eggs just never hatch, so I was kind of hesitant to put Junior ate snails in and as you can see here’s the Nerite snail eggs, they just wait I mean it doesn’t bother me, but they’re just like this little white dots on the gravel, some of them are on the glass. It has a consuming passion for algae, … Quote: Originally Posted by assasin6547 View Post. Also, with these snails, it's not absolutely necessary to have extremely pure water, … Nerite Snail eggs are hard and will need to be scraped off to be taken out of the tank. Removing Nerite Snail Eggs. Even though Nerite Snail eggs can be somewhat annoying, the advantages of these types of algae eating snails outweigh other types of snails that do reproduce in fresh water. With a nerite snail not moving, you might have caught the snail in the middle of its hibernation. In general, I am not talking about Nerite snails, some snail can crossbreed. Joined May 9, 2006 Messages 5,035 Reaction score 40 Location Charlottesville, Virginia. Nerite eggs will not hatch or live in freshwater tanks unfortunately, there are exceptions to this but rare. I love my snails. The reason is that the eggs need brackish or even salt water to hatch, but the full grown snails are able to live in freshwater. An adult tiger nerite snail can grow up to 1 inch. i was just browsing through RC and … AmazonPassion. The zebra nerite snail is one of the most prolific, housing black and yellow stripes that move across their shells.

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